Sharing with Stakeholders

Providing that the vision and mission of our company are known by all our employees and business partners and all progress together into common targets,

Learning Organization

Providing up-to-date information and training necessary to enable our employees to perform their jobs in line with our goals,

Continuous Improvement

Accepting improvement as a continuous part of our business with the participation of our employees at all levels and increasing our corporate performance,

Improving Technology Level

Developing competitive products and services with her national technology that will create beneficial change by promoting creative ideas and R&D activities,

Effective Communication

Creating relationships and establishing interactive communication based on trust adding mutual value and raising the expectations of our customers, employees, solution partners and the society we live in,

Sustainable Customer Satisfaction

Taking into account the preliminary notifications and feedbacks of our customers, maintaining customer satisfaction in a determined and consistent manner,

Business Ecosystem Solidarity

Aiming to establish mutually beneficial relations with the suppliers and organizations working in the same business ecosystem and to progress together with them,

Compliance with Legal Regulations

Complying with all legal regulations, legislation, international standards and the requirements of the MENSAN Management System in the activities we carry out,

Respect to Confidentiality and Privacy

Ensuring security of all the documents, corporate and personal information, facilities, machinery, products, tools and equipment in our possession, providing access to confidential information and items on the basis of “need-to-know” principle and applicable legislation,

Work Safety

Caring about the health and work safety of employees by monitoring and observing the MENSAN working environment,


Adopting environmentally friendly practices that will protect the environment and ensuring waste management that will sustain our common clean environment.

Within the scope of our Quality Policy; Mensan undertakes to work in line with our quality management processes that targets to do the right job in the right way.

Muharrem Şerafettin Mendi
Chairman of the Executive Board